My Top 50 Favorite Songs: 34

34. "Take Me With You" by Morphine

I think the first time I heard Morphine was while watching the movie Wild Things, which uses a few songs prominently throughout the film. Probably not the best introduction. Years later, I was re-introduced to them and the album The Night, which I've come to love. I'm not a huge fan of the sax, but Morphine uses the silky tones as most bands would use blues guitar, invoking feelings of sadness and regret and all of those things most people want to forget about and not relish in. This song in particular struck me when I first heard it, and I think I actually listened to it over and over for an entire night, because this is what a lonely night sounds like. It's got so much emotion but without it being forced. The subtle strings in the background aide the bass and sax in just the right way, and the late-great Mark Sandman's vocals are perfect as always. This is one of those songs that, as I listen to it, always drags me deep into thought (not just sad and depressing thoughts, but of all kinds... just thoughts), and I love it when songs are able to do that.

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