My Top 50 Favorite Songs: 22

22. "Up the Cathedral" by Danny Elfman

OK, to be fair... The "Batman Theme" is the one that should probably be on this list, but I've come to really enjoy this piece because, being the finale, it incorporates all of the themes from the entire score into a single breathtaking track. Ever since the 3rd Grade (circa 1990, btw, when Batman landed on home video and became a several-times-a-day ritual for me), I've known and could replicate the entire score from the Tim Burton Batman film. Any kid growing up with the film could, I guess. It opened me up to orchestral music, it opened me up to score soundtracks (sorry John Williams... I may have heard you first and you may actually be the more talented, but I actually listened to Danny Elfman first and I like him better... that's just how it is), and it first led me to having an appreciation for music. There are parts of this score arrangement that still give me goosebumps.

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