My Top 50 Favorite Songs: 07

Please Note: The first 10 songs are NOT necessarily my favorite songs by what are most certainly some of my favorite artists. These songs stand out to me (for various reasons that I explain) from the rest of the artists' works, but I could not, under any circumstances, comfortably say that these songs are my definitive favorites from the artists. I have no definitive favorites from some artists; their entire collected work (minus a track or two) would be my favorites.

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7. "Hysteria" by Muse

There was a period in time when I had come to forsake new music by new rock bands, because there were so many that I detested. So many interchangeable bands that sounded the same and brought nothing new into the world, infesting the radio waves with their bland marketable drivel. I'd had enough, and so I had written Muse off as such a band, refusing to listen to them. Until a friend forced me to listen to this song... and I realized how wrong I had been about them. The album Absolution quickly became a favorite, and while I'd probably say "Butterflies and Hurricanes" is the best song on the album, "Hysteria," on top of being a great, well written song, just has an energy that's unrivaled. It is because of this band that I grew out of my self-imposed shell and began looking closer at some of the bands that have made their mark on the last five or six years. I've opened back up just a bit, and while I still detest a lot of modern rock bands, I've grown partial to a few that I never would've given a chance had it not been for this song's awesomeness.

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