My Top 50 Favorite Songs: 09

Please Note: The first 10 songs are NOT necessarily my favorite songs by what are most certainly some of my favorite artists. These songs stand out to me (for various reasons that I explain) from the rest of the artists' works, but I could not, under any circumstances, comfortably say that these songs are my definitive favorites from the artists. I have no definitive favorites from some artists; their entire collected work (minus a track or two) would be my favorites.

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9. "That's All" by Genesis

It sometimes comes as a surprise to people that Genesis is one of my favorite bands. I love the Peter Gabriel-era prog-rock, but I've always been a bigger fan of the Phil Collins-era material. It began progressive and slowly became more pop-rock, but without losing its artistry. A Genesis pop song, such as "That's All," is not your average pop song. Interesting as well as catchy, witty lyrics that are meaningful without being complicated, and musically this song is perfection. I have a hard time choosing a favorite song by Genesis mostly because they have so many great tracks, in so many different musical genres, that to choose one would be a disservice to the band and to yourself. "That's All" is just a song that I love, and have always loved, and will never get tired of... but the same could be said of many other Genesis songs.


  1. I still remember your tribute album that featured Eddie Vedder and Tori Amos collaborating on this. Oh, to hear that duet!

  2. That was the old version... which I loved, but felt a bit outdated (gotta keep up with the times). Here's the more recent and updated tracklisting for my dream Genesis Tribute Album:

    1. Turn It On Again - The Verve feat. Liam Gallagher
    2. Land of Confusion - Tool
    3. Invisible Touch - Finger Eleven feat. Justin Timberlake
    4. Home By the Sea - Muse
    5. No Son Of Mine - Bauhaus feat. Christopher Hall of Stabbing Westward
    6. Hold On My Heart - Lenny Kravitz
    7. Follow You, Follow Me - Silverchair
    8. Firth of Fifth - Coldplay feat. Brian May of Queen
    9. Mama - Nine Inch Nails
    10. I Can't Dance - King's X
    11. Abacab - KMFDM
    12. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight - David Bowie
    13. That's All - Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode
    14.Throwing It All Away - Pearl Jam feat. Bob Dylan
    15. Dreaming While You Sleep - Chris Cornell and Gary Numan
    16. Misunderstanding - Elton John
    17. Jesus He Knows Me - Gnarls Barkley
    18. I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) - Franz Ferdinand
    19. The Carpet Crawlers - The Gorrillaz and Elvis Costello
    20. Congo - U2 with Ben Watkins of Juno Reactor

    I'd do anything to make this a reality and be able to listen to this!

  3. I think I just peed a little......BRILLIANT!!!!!!!