My Top 50 Favorite Songs: 23

23. "Zero Signal" by Fear Factory

I'm not a huge fan of heavy metal. I like some of it, but I could probably count off the bands that I actually steadily listen to on one hand. Fear Factory is one such band. They're probably the heaviest band I listen to. It could be the industrial flourishes they integrate into their songs. It could be that vocalist Burton C. Bell can sing as well as scream (long before that was the trendy thing to do, and his voice has still managed to stay unique amid the modern-metal-drivel). It could be that their songs are generally sci-fi related, and I'm a nerd at heart. Or it could just be that I like to jam out to heavy, fast and loud music sometimes. This track was the first I heard by the band (another offering from the Mortal Kombat soundtrack), and from its cinematic opening to its blisteringly fast solos to the calm and beautiful piano outro, the song is a modern metal masterpiece.

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