My Top 50 Favorite Songs: 25

25. "Sledgehammer" by Peter Gabriel

Quite possibly the greatest pop song ever written. I imagine if Peter Gabriel had been born in any other century, he still would've created genre-defying works of art that would tower above everything around him. Gabriel has written better, more thought-provoking songs, and he's composed more artistic soundscapes with some of the most talented musicians alive the world over, but "Sledgehammer" is such a great song. When you sit and listen to it, there are so many genius flourishes and parts to it, that the fact that he was able to make it sound so simple and accessible is the most amazing thing of all.


  1. And just for good measure...


  2. This is such a monumental song for me.
    1.)It opened my eyes to the original lead singer of Genesis
    2.)It showed me what an incredible medium music video could be
    3.)It never ceases to bring a smile to my face, which is why I am in shock that people can hate it.......... We know better G Skillet!