My Top 50 Favorite Songs: 02

Please Note: The first 10 songs are NOT necessarily my favorite songs by what are most certainly some of my favorite artists. These songs stand out to me (for various reasons that I explain) from the rest of the artists' works, but I could not, under any circumstances, comfortably say that these songs are my definitive favorites from the artists. I have no definitive favorites from some artists; their entire collected work (minus a track or two) would be my favorites.

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2. "Full Worm Garden" by KMFDM

This track came at what was thought then to be the end of the line for KMFDM, 1999's Adios. The album as a whole is hit-or-miss, not surprising considering the turmoil the band was in as it was recorded, and considering they broke up just before its release. However, this track was fresh and different from what I'd come to expect from the band (this was their 11th studio album), and the oddly poetic lyrics and vocals by Skinny Puppy frontman Kevin "Ogre" Ogilvie (who writes like no one else), the creepiness in the synths that's hauntingly beautiful within its own discord, and the subtle way the song builds as it progresses, have made this song continue to stand out as one of my favorite tracks from a band that's known for more pounding underground club hits like "Juke Joint Jezebel" and hard and heavy sonic blasts like "A Drug Against War."

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