Introduction / My First Blog Post

From 2003 to sometime around 2006 (I don't remember exactly when I let it go), I ran a movie related website where I could finally speak my mind and share my opinions with others. This included everything from film reviews and Top 10 Lists, to me and my friends sitting around casting "dream movies" for Batman comics (long before Nolan got it right, we'd cast Christian Bale as Mr. Wayne) and adaptations of 80's cartoon series. It was a very basic site, mostly text and the occasional graphic to spruce it up, but it performed the job I needed it to. Problem was, it ended up being too much work to keep up with, and I later realized that I should've just created a Blog and not a full website.

But that was before Social Networking sites, and back then I always thought Blogs were places where pretentious people told the world how it should be ran. I didn't think about the fact that I could create a Blog just to post up my Top 10 Favorite Movie Car Chases. It just didn't occur to me then. In 2006, Myspace was all the rage (remember that site, seems like so long ago), and then not too long ago Facebook took over the world. I've been using the latter as my posting ground for any and every list or thought in my head, but I've come to realize that these new sites don't offer the room I need to fully express my opinion. I'm long-winded, I realize this, and maybe one day I'll go to some sort of Long-Winded Writers Anonymous (Stephen King will be there, as will filmmaker Peter Jackson) and I'll get straightened out for a modern A.D.D. society. But for now, I want more room to wiggle and a place, similar to my old website, where I can just go on and on about all these geeky thoughts. Plus, I won't have to worry about my posts getting lost amid the "Went to the store today and picked up pink shoes... kewl!" and "NEbody wan2 hang hit me up" everyday comments of people using Social Media as it's intended (I know that I'm the one at fault, not they, for thinking that I could use FB to get people to read all this stuff), and here I'll know that if I post something up then the people who'd care enough to read it in the first place can find it.

So, anyway, that's all led me here, to a place where I can post and share my thoughts on... well, whatever, and it's all mine. To give you a heads up, most of this Blog is going to be music and movie related, so I'll warn you now that it's gonna get geeky. Sometimes there might be the occasional rant on people in general, but mostly it's gonna be nerdy, geeky stuff. It'll be of a more personal nature, though. For instance, if I "review" a movie, it could be more an attack on critics of a misunderstood film than a traditional movie review. Or if I reveal my Top 50 Favorite Songs, it's going to be more a list of why I like the songs and less a list of important tracks that made their mark on music history. In short, this site is not about you as much as it is me getting stuff off of my chest and out of my head. If you don't agree, that's fine, tell me what you think in the comments. But it's just my opinion, and because these days most people seem to think that their opinions are the same as facts, especially on the internet, I'd like to clarify that I'm not one of those people and I do think there's room in this world for everyone to share their own. I think argument and debate are healthy, and without it, (again, especially on the internet), people are going to continue to be ignorant of opposition and will continue to believe that their opinions are "right."

One last thing... I type fast, just not fast enough to keep up with my thoughts, and usually I'll try to keep it as professional-sounding as possible to better convey whatever point I'm attempting to make, BUT there are going to be times when I use naughty words (oh no!) and there are going to be plenty of typos and grammatical errors, (English majors, you'll have noticed plenty of run-on sentences and comma issues already). Just keep all the critiques of spelling and grammar to a minimum, please. I know it's not perfect, and I'd like to think that a page devoted strictly to my opinions, and not fact, that it doesn't need to be. Thoughts themselves are not perfectly structured things, so the outpouring of those thoughts should flow as naturally as possible. If you're one of those people that's going to send me comments about comma splices, feel free, but it's not going to change that it's going to happen from time to time. Just deal with it.

This concludes the "Welcome to my Blog" post. I've already got a few things I've been working on, lists and such, that I'll be posting soon, so check back when you can.

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