My Top 50 Favorite Songs: 20

20. "Burn" by The Cure

It's no secret that my favorite film is The Crow, and has been since, quite possibly, before I even watched it... because I fell in love with the soundtrack months before I saw the film in theaters. This song in particular. I like The Cure, and this song is not exactly a great representative of their sound, but in my opinion it's their best song. And as I grew to love James O'Barr's story more, and read the original comics and fully immersed myself in its gothic world, I came to appreciate this song even more for it's lyrical relevance to the original story. More than any other song on the soundtrack it feels like the story should feel, bringing just the right amount of madness and darkness to the overwhelming sadness of it all... and sad songs are what The Cure, and Robert Smith's voice, are all about.


  1. This is when The Cure became important to me, as well as Thrill Kill Kult, Machines Of Loving Grace, Joy Machine(via Trent) and Violent Femmes. I'll never forget how important this album was to me, albeit for a short time. Your article has made me want to pull this one out of storage and go driving down a dark country lane at dusk!

  2. I listened to that soundtrack religiously for years!