My Top 50 Favorite Songs: 13

13. "Cruel Melody" by Black Light Burns

Wes Borland's solo project (produced by ex-Nine Inch Nails and A Perfect Circle collaborator Danny Lohner) Black Light Burns debuted in 2007 with another of my favorite albums. While I love the entire album, this song stuck with me from the moment I first heard it, months before the release on the band's Myspace player, and it's yet to lose its luster. I wish more songs could set a mood just like this! The lyrical imagery proves that Borland, despite being in Limp Bizkit (which I've always personally felt was as overrated a band as the the latter 90's could possibly produce, and sort of summed up everything I dislike about that era), is a great song writer and musician as well as having a brilliant stage presence. And for a guy who seems more at home breaking stuff and rocking out, his surefooted and calm delivery on this track really took me aback.

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