My Top 50 Favorite Songs: 32

32. "So What" by Ministry

Ministry is one of my favorite bands, and while they are sort of a one-trick pony, I love that trick so much that I can't get enough of it. They're smart and mean and harsh and fun and louder than anything else on the planet. However, "So What" is one of those songs that isn't exactly what the group is best known for. In a way, it's on this list for similar reasons as my #2 song, KMFDM's "Full Worm Garden." Its the fact that it's just as good as, yet sounds different than, most of their other great songs. The lyrics are a stand-up-and-shout anthem against misguided authority, its got one of my favorite bass lines of any song ever, and the 1950's propaganda-film samples inter-cut between the verses are also my favorite use of samples in any song.

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