My Top 50 Favorite Songs: 26

26. "Jardin de Cecile" by Juno Reactor

If The Prodigy really got me into electronic music, Juno Reactor led me to believe that electronic music was a viable art form that could most easily be compared to classical music, rather than rock. It's the fact that Juno Reactor creates feelings, and those feelings resonate louder than the thumping bass and aboriginal beats used to convey them. This song, the first track on another Top 5 Favorite Album, takes its time to build up, letting the mood settle over you before whisking you away on a musical journey. Gorgeous. I was introduced to Juno Reactor via another "artist" from the (again) Mortal Kombat soundtrack, with the song "Control" by Traci Lords (yeah, the ex-porn star). The song on the soundtrack was an instrumental version, and when I looked to see who had done the music for Miss Lords' vocals, it was a group called Juno Reactor. Months later, I saw and picked up the album Bible of Dreams at my local record store, and have never been able to get enough since.

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  1. Wow! Thanks for reminding me of Juno Reactor! I haven't thought about it since my RU days. I used to be obsessed with the song Samurai, and had a crazy idea to choreograph to it...just might have to make that happen.