My Top 50 Favorite Songs: 50

50. "The Great American Nightmare" by Rob Zombie featuring Howard Stern

I'm a big fan of White Zombie. I liked the groove that Zombie and his cohorts were able to instill into what could've just been generic hard rock music. I liked the genre references, old monster and science fiction film clips and the like, that added a sense of fun into the proceedings (hard rockers and metal-heads take the music too seriously sometimes, trying too hard to be 'badass,' so it's good when some artists realize how goofy it all is and just have fun with it). When the band White Zombie split and Mr. Zombie himself took off on a solo career, it has steadily over the years lost the fun and cool it used to have. I don't mind it, I guess, but none of it's been the same as the high point just after the entire world was overtaken by "More Human Than Human." In the years just after that song was in every commercial, MTV News break, movie trailer and so on, Zombie took what would become the first of his solo-outings, creating a few songs for some film soundtracks (a move that would become a staple of his solo career). One of them was for the Howard Stern autobiography Private Parts, and featured backing vocals by Stern himself (using the same vocal filter that Zombie does, so their voices are damn near indistinguishable). It's got one of those guitar riffs that reminds me of why I like hard rock music, and the lyrics are some of the coolest Zombie ever wrote (he's not always known for making sense lyrically). It's just one of those songs I like to listen to. Its groovy and cool and fun and 'badass' all rolled in together, and never fails to play well on any mix tape/cd/playlist I've ever thrown it on.

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