My Top 50 Favorite Songs: 44

44. "Stand Inside Your Love" by Smashing Pumpkins

Smashing Pumpkins are an acquired taste, due to the unusual voice of lead singer Billy Corgan, but I've always liked its frailty and his ability to be both soft and gentle and then immediately harsh and scary. His voice makes me believe in his lyrics that much more, because there's emotion in his words. Plus, besides Corgan's interesting vocal style, the band is really, really good at what they do. The song "Stand Inside Your Love" is one such example, and while it came at the end of an era for them, 2000's Machina: The Machines of God, I felt the song more than any before it. I adore the bass and guitar line to this song, and the darkness that it betrays. I love the imagery the lyrics unleash without having to. This is another cinematic song, another story-teller song, and yes, another love song (I'm a hopeless romantic, I can't help it), and my favorite song by a band that, while they may be unusual, have so many great, great songs.

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