My Top 50 Favorite Songs: 45

45. "Jesus Christ Pose" by Soundgarden

Whenever I hear a song for the first time and think, "How in the world does someone play that?" it's usually a sign that I'm going to like it. Add to the mix that Chris Cornell can belt out his lines like no one since Robert Plant's glory days, and that the rest of the band was exploring sounds that preceded the movement they'd later be made a part of, and it's a song that'll stay with me. "Jesus Christ Pose" was first introduced to me playing over the opening credits to the film S.F.W. and not too long after I had the album, 1991's excellent Badmotorfinger. The song's lyrics, pointing out the flaws in the finger-pointing self-righteous, are clever and simplistic at the same time. The guitar work and drums are top-notch, Cornell's vocal abilities impress as usual, but it's the bass line of the song, more than anything else, that made me sit up and take notice, (I mean, seriously, holy shit!). It's a good song with, in my opinion, a good message, too (although those that need to hear it won't ever listen to this song).

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