My Top 50 Favorite Songs: 41

41. "The Show Must Go On" by Queen

As cinematic as I believe Queen could ever get, this song is like experiencing an entire Broadway production in the span of 5 minutes. The synth strings are memorable and mood-setting, then Mercury's iconic and unmatched voice comes in, singing some of the best lyrics the band ever wrote, then belting them as only he can do. As the chorus kicks in, (and it really kicks in), with May's guitars, Deacon's bass and Taylor's drums coming in full-on, the song builds to an emotional high and then falls back again to frail moments of beauty and sadness. I absolutely love this song, and I always get swept away. Queen is one of those band's that have so many great songs to choose from, but there's always that one song that speaks to you more than others, and this song, the final track on 1991's Innuendo, their last studio album before Mercury's death, has always hit me pretty hard.

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  1. Chiil-inducing, ethereal music. It pulls at our heart strings, all the while making us tap or feet and pound our fists. It is an anthem we will sing in our minds at many appropriate times throughout our life story. As with every time I hear this masterpiece, Freddy's voice will be in my head all day. Thanks home slice!