My Top 50 Favorite Songs: 36

36. "Regular People (Conceit)" by Pantera

Definitely not their best song, (although Vulgar Display of Power is my favorite Pantera album), but this is my "driving song." This is my "road-rage" song. Everyone that gets road-rage has that song (or has had that song, sometimes you grow out of it) that they love to put on when they're in the car and it just... well, it speaks for you. This is my song. I remember, when I first started driving, throwing this on and screaming along with the chorus at the bad drivers in the other lane. Some people may think I'm crazy, but I always found listening to angry music when I'm angry, that someone else, somewhere, in another time even, also felt the way I'm feeling, is very comforting and allows me a healthy release of my anger in the form of music. People who don't listen to or like heavy or angry music won't understand, but it's really no different than identifying with a sad song and using that songs lyrics to help you get through a bad spot, just flip the emotion.

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